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You deserve more than a ten minute appointment. Live your life with more energy, balance, and vibrancy with hormone replacement therapy. Let's work together to optimize your health and reach your wellness goals.

Sarasota Hormone Replacement Therapy Approach

You are unique, and your healthcare should be too. 

  • Individualized Care Plans

    First we listen, then we advise. All of our care plans are specifically tailored to your unique needs and wellness goals.

  • Bioidentical hormones

     We primarily use bioidentical hormones, which are structurally identical to the hormones your body naturally produces, offering potentially fewer side effects. 

  • Comprehensive care

     You're more than the number on a test. Our approach incorporates lifestyle counseling, nutritional guidance, and other supportive services to optimize your body's overall functioning. 

Our Process

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    Reach out for a discovery call with our team. Let's talk about if what we offer is right for you.

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    Check your email for instructions on how to log into our patient portal. Fill out your intake paperwork to get things rolling.

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    We'll get in touch to coordinate an initial lab draw. We'll do this before your first appointment to reduce the time it takes to start getting care.

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    When your labs come in we'll call to schedule your initial consultation. We'll go over your lab results and discuss the care plan we'll follow going forward.

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    We continue to offer ongoing support and guidance as you implement the changes we've agreed on.

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    You reclaim your vitality and reach your health and wellness goals!

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I'm Jullie Sweetser, a board-certified nurse practitioner with 25 years of experience in health care.

It's a pleasure to meet you. Over my career, I've had a realization I can't shake: the modern approach to healthcare just isn't working, either for me or for my patients. How can I provide good care in a 10 minute visit? How can I help people optimize their health and live longer, better lives if I can't get to the root cause of their symptoms?

Again and again, people tell me they don't feel heard. They say they feel tired, unfocused, and anxious. They're missing sleep, gaining weight, and seeing their menopause, perimenopause, and low testosterone symptoms deeply impact their quality of life. They're frustrated with their health and the options provided to them.

I'm here to listen, to believe, and to partner with you to find the right approach for your unique situation. I'm passionate about finding the intersection between modern medical knowledge and more holistic approaches. Let's work together to bring harmony to your hormones and create a lifestyle that supports and optimizes your best health. 

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